About Philterd

At Philterd we specialize in software and technologies to find and redact PII, PHI, and other sensitive information. We are passionate about finding new and innovative ways to help you keep your most sensitive information safe.

The origins of Philterd began in 2017 when the first code was written. This code eventually grew into the now open source Phileas project which powers Philter and our other products.

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Our Culture and Beliefs

  • We believe software should be open source as much and as often as possible.
  • We believe that software is only as good as the developers and support team that stand behind it.
  • We believe that software should be easily accessible to your environment, such as from the AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud marketplaces, to streamline all aspects of use, procurement, and support.

Who We Are

Our type of software requires a team with diverse backgrounds and that’s who we are. From code development, AI/ML model training, cloud expertise, to experience working in controlled environments with sensitive data, we brought our skills together to build our products. But we are not the only ones who write code! Because the heart of our software is open source, anybody can view it and offer changes. We are very grateful to all members of the open source community who have contributed past and present.

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